President Message from Turkey

By Daisuke Kitamura
President Message from Turkey

IKUTA celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2019. Before that, however, we establish a new company “IKUTA MAK?NE A.?. (Ikuta Machinery Inc.)” in Istanbul Turkey which becomes the third manufacturing factory following Japan and China.IKUTA MAK?NE A.?. works on sales, manufacturing, and maintenance, from which the business expands strongly to the countries in Europe or Middle-East, even to the new market of Africa as well.
The management along the fundamental principles
“Raise myself”, “Raise yourself”, “Raise ourselves” which is the basic philosophy of IKUTA and it never changes.
In our mind, the manufacturing is connected with raising person, in other words, a person who is not brought up, cannot make good things.
So what is the meaning of “raising person” then?
It is not only to hand down skills to the next generation, but also it is to have thankfulness and respects towards the people surroundings you as your family or colleagues. Because there has been such an idea based, IKUTA even a company of the small and medium size has been able to continue its work since 1919.
Even if a company grows big, the employees of IKUTA never forget it and always run with it.
Challenge to the world
IKUTA has a long delivery record of making production lines for metal coil though, the aim of IKUTA is to be estimated as the world’s best manufacturing company, especially on milling technology which has a good reputation in the world.
It is not exaggeration too much to say that IKUTA has been supporting Japanese copper industries evaluated as top ranked level in the world.
Furthermore, the technology was spread out in the Chinese copper industries between the past 15years so that the copper coils made in China are provided all over the world nowadays.
So now is the time for challenging to the market of Europe in which IKUTA undertakes its business with reliable and proven technology to be the No.1 manufacturing company in the world.